Tattoo Removal Philadelphia

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tattooFor a variety of different reasons, people choose to remove tattoos. Whether your decision to remove a tattoo is professional and/or personal, Dr. Burke has extensive experience in safely and permanently removing tattoos of all sizes and colors with minimal skin trauma and outstanding results.

The process of removing ink from under the skin is non-evasive and includes the use of pulsating lasers rapidly applied to the skin surface where the tattoo is present. In turn, the laser light smashes the larger ink particles making them smaller and causing them to break down under the skin. This enables the body to filter and ultimately remove the ink with insignificant scarring.

There are a multitude of factors that determine the number of treatments required to effectively undergo successful tattoo removal in Philadelphia. This includes size, color, depth, location and type of ink used. Each case is unique and will be expertly evaluated for you by Dr. Burke at no charge.

Just like tattoo artists vary in skill, so too do those that remove tattoos. Dr. Burke wants you to be completely comfortable with both him and the process, so it is important to schedule a free consultation to realistically assess the treatment process, establish expectations and get to know like and trust him as well.

All your questions will be answered at the consultation including cost, payment options, estimated number of treatments required, risks and more. Philadelphia tattoo removal is a relatively pain free process equivalent to the snapping of a rubber band against the skin.

The area can be numbed with a topical cream, cold air or ice. Alternatively, the use of a drug such as novocaine can be administered locally to make the process extremely tolerable with little to no discomfort. Treatments are very quick and can range from a matter of seconds to minutes depending on the area being treated.

Once the process is complete, there is no pain and a topical anti-biotic ointment is applied to the treated area along with a bandage. There is little maintenance other than washing the area, reapplying ointment and redressing the area once per day. This prevents the area from getting infected, keeps the area moist and reduces the chance of scarring.

Healing time is quick and can range from a week to a few weeks with fading of the ink gradually taking place over a period of months. Best practices include waiting two months or more in between treatments for best results.

This is a simple in-office procedure performed in a calming environment by an expert practitioner. Don’t wait; schedule your free tattoo removal consultation with Dr. Burke today! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our services.