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PRP Therapy or Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy is an innovative process intended to treat and relieve pain in different parts of the body. The procedure is typically performed on patients with tendon or ligament injuries.

It is considered extremely effective in speeding up the healing process and is commonly used in conjunction with physical therapy, especially for patients suffering from sports related injury with acute or chronic pain.

In PRP therapy, the platelets present in a patient’s own blood is used in the treatment. The blood is extracted from the patient and then spun in a special centrifuge, which concentrates the platelets containing the growth or healing factors.

Once this process is complete, the platelet rich concentration is injected into the injured area. In turn, a healing force is triggered increasing blood flow to the ligament. One of the biggest reasons ligaments don’t heal is because of lack of blood flow. The process also allows stem cells to come in and remodel and repair the damaged ligaments as well.

Low Probability of Risks


Since Plasma Rich Platelet therapy is a non- surgical procedure, this significantly decreases risk. Additionally, because the process uses a patient’s own blood to speed up healing, this will eliminate the risk of an antibody reaction with the immune system. Dr. Alan Burke, MD is a leading non-surgical sports orthopedist using PRP Therapy in Philadelphia to effectively treat joint pain.

Fast Treatment Time


The process itself generally takes about 30-45 minutes and results can be achieved in as little as one treatment depending on the severity of the injury. The therapy is performed in a healthy and clean environment with minimal wait time at our clinic conveniently located in North East Philadelphia. Patients typically return to normal activity in 2-4 weeks depending on the area being injected.

The Therapy is Intended For Everyone


PRP Therapy in Philadelphia is meant for anyone and can encompass a wide range of patient’s ranging in age from teens to 80+. Many professional athletes from Phillies pitcher Cliff Lee to pro golfer Tiger Woods have successfully undergone the treatment. If you’re suffering from pain to due tendon or ligament issues and have tried physical therapy, anti-inflammatory medications, and/or braces/straps with little result, PRP therapy is a viable treatment that may be right for you.

It Doesn’t Require Multiple Visits to the Doctor


In PRP Therapy, patients will usually experience satisfying results in one or two injections. Injections will be administered several weeks apart so frequent trips to our clinic is not necessary. Dr. Burke is offering a FREE consultation to discuss if this treatment option is right for you. To schedule your consultation, simply call or use the appt. request form in the upper right hand column of this page.

Minimal Side Effects


PRP Therapy in Philadelphia is fast becoming the pain treatment of choice for the professional athlete to the weekend warrior. Compared to other treatment forms, Plasma Rich Platelet therapy has minimal side effects. Bruising is the most commonly reported side effect from this therapy, but the bruise will heal after a few days. The treated area can be numbed and is virtually painless. It is a safe and extremely effective treatment in terms of healing pain related to tendon or ligament issues.

Are you ready to eliminate pain that physical therapy alone won’t cure?  Consider PRP therapy and schedule your consultation with Dr. Burke today!