Hair Restoration in Philadelphia

hair-resorationRegrow Hair Naturally


Are you tired of feeling less than 100% confident in your appearance?

Would you like to regain a youthful look and restore your hair growth naturally?

Looking for a non-surgical long-term solution to hair loss?

Dr. Alan Burke, MD is a leading cosmetic doctor specializing in natural hair restoration in Philadelphia. He uses the latest cutting edge techniques that will regrow hair using your body’s own growth factors found in stem cells.

The treatment is based on the use of platelet rich plasma (prp for short), which uses both the platelets and plasma contained in a patients own blood. Small vials of blood are extracted and spun in a centrifuge separating the needed ingredients used in the treatment.

The prp is then injected into the thinning areas of the scalp. This causes a disruption to the hair follicle referred to as micro damage. This triggers the healing process by activating new stem cells (contained in the prp mixture), in turn yielding progenitor cells that rush to the disrupted areas to repair the damage.

The progenitor cells protect the hair cells that have been affected by dihydrotestestorone or DHT, which is the chemical hormone responsible for hair loss. The adult stem cell in this case is used as a cell regenerative and is a natural, viable and non-surgical alternative for individuals suffering from hair loss in Philadelphia and surrounding areas.

Is This Procedure Right For You?


Each hair loss case is treated differently, so we invite you to call us or use the appointment form in the upper right hand column to schedule a free consultation. Dr. Burke will answer all your questions and see if this procedure is right for you.

Once a determination is made that you would be a successful candidate for the treatment, we will discuss cost, number of needed treatments, time frame in between treatments, expectations and any other questions you may have.

This is a safe and effective Philadelphia hair restoration treatment that combats hair loss and thinning.

Restore Confidence and Look Your Best


Hair has always been associated with beauty and youth, but Mother Nature often has it own agenda when it comes to hair loss. Science has given us the ability to fight back and take control.

What makes our prp hair restoration treatments a great option for you:

  • Affordability: Treatments are considerably less expensive than painful surgical alternatives. Our clinic also offers flexible payment plans so you can start re-growing your own hair today!
  • Long Term Results: While this is not a permanent solution to hair loss, this is a quick and easy procedure that can be performed in our clinic helping your cells to regenerate hair naturally with lasting results.

Why wait when you can start re-growing your own hair naturally. Hang up those hats and throw out those gimmicky baldness products and reclaim that youthful appearance today!

Look and feel your best. Regain a youthful appearance and your self-confidence. Call today!