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What exactly is a Vampire Facelift? Sounds gory right. Don’t let the name fool you. It is actually a very safe and biocompatible process to remove wrinkles and restore natural beauty to your face.

Dr. Alan Burke, MD is a leading cosmetic doctor that performs this facelift in Philadelphia. Dr. Burke is on the cutting edge of using platelet rich plasma and stem cells for a variety of different treatments with the Vampire facelift being his preferred treatment for restoring beauty to the face.

It’s affordable and has been all the rage in Hollywood. Ever since popular celebrity Kim Kardashion tweeted pictures of her vampire facelift, this has raised public awareness of the procedure creating a significant buzz as one of the hottest anti-aging treatments available today!

So let’s look at this 5+ year old science, which makes this a viable and natural option for turning back the hands of time and restoring natural beauty to the face by removing lines, wrinkles and sagging. The reason it is called a “vampire” facelift is because the process involves removal of a patient’s own blood which is then spun in what is called a centrifuge.

This process of spinning separates the plasma and platelets from the red blood cells, which are used in the treatment. The treatment is based on the science of platelet rich plasma (prp), which as mentioned, is present in your own blood.

Once we activate the plasma, we inject it under the skin just like any other filler. This process volumes the area and over time, the prp acts as a growth hormone, producing natural collagen, which helps skin cells regenerate.

While results are generally visible in a few days, over time as your body produces even more of it’s own collagen, results are even more apparent.  Best results are often achieved from 2-3 treatments over a period of time, which we will discuss with you by scheduling a free consultation whereby all your questions will be answered.

When these types of procedures where first performed, fillers which were used to inject under the skin included a patients own fat, bovine collagen as well as synthetic ingredients such as silicone and even plexiglass.

Technology has gone full circle and now uses fillers extracted from your own body. Since substances taken from your own blood are used, you face zero risk of rejection meaning you can’t be allergic to it.

  • Natural: This procedure uses filler from you! No synthetic fillers or substances extracted from animals. Using your own blood is as natural as it gets!
  • Non-Surgical: This procedure involves no cutting or stretching of the skin. It is a completely non-evasive way to reduce wrinkles, lines and sagging!

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