Services Overview

Cosmetic Surgeon in PhiladelphiaOur approach to beauty is holistic, meaning we treat the entire body both inside and out to achieve optimal wellness both physically and psychologically.

Starting from the inside, we begin with joint and bone health. A healthy body inside will reflect beauty outside, so we combine diet, vitamin supplementation and exercise as part of our methodology.

Couple this along side the latest in cosmetic procedures using cutting-edge technology and we have all the tools necessary to turn back the hands of time.

We cater to both men and women offering a variety of cosmetic services to improve aesthetics such as the popular Vampire Facelift to Laser Tattoo Removal in Philadelphia, PA.

Our PRP pain relief therapies are perfect for athletes whether amateur or professional. We are especially proficient at helping runners and dancers due to the high level of bone and joint stress these activities produce, but can help athletes from all sports backgrounds.

Our core services for both pain and beauty include:

Botox Treatment-The use of “botox” is a safe, non-evasive procedure designed to decrease lines and wrinkles in the face, forehead and neck areas. Botox is a protein that was approved in 2002 for cosmetic use and can restore a younger more youthful appearance without the need for a surgical facelift.

Tattoo Removal-This is a non-evasive procedure that uses lasers to safely and permanently remove an unwanted tattoo. The lasers breakdown the ink particles just below the surface of the skin. This enables the body to filter and ultimately remove the ink with minimal pain and insignificant scarring.

Vampire Facelift-The “vampire” facelift gets its name from the use of a patient’s own blood to remove wrinkles. While this may sound a little gory, blood contains both platelets and plasma, which are rich in healing properties. This is also the most natural filler used cosmetically today because your body will never reject your own blood. Safe, biocompatible, effective and all the rage in Hollywood!

Hair Restoration-This is a natural and non-surgical solution to hair loss. Your bodies own growth factors found in stem cells are used to “re-grow” hair in the thinning areas. This technique uses the platelets and plasma in a patient’s own blood in the treatment and is an affordable hair loss option with long-term results.

Spider Vein Treatment-We offer a safe and effective treatment for permanently removing unsightly varicose veins, aka spider veins. This is a painless treatment using lasers that makes the vein fade and ultimately disappear never to return again. It’s important to have them removed not just for beauty, but to prevent blood clots as well.

PRP Therapy-This technique is intended to treat tendon or ligament injuries in patients with acute or chronic pain. Often used in the treatment of sports injuries, the procedure uses the healing factors found in a patient’s own blood. Stem Cells are used in the repair of the damaged ligaments. Used by many professional athletes with great results in addition to physical therapy.