Biography: Alan M. Burke, MD, JD, Esq.

TorsoI am a cosmetic physician with Orthopedic, Surgical and Anti-Aging training. My Practice is directed at helping patients improve their health and quality of life as they mature.  “Beauty is not just skin deep”, but goes all the way to the bone. We start with bone and joint health; add diet, vitamin and exercise programs, and round out the complete care picture with natural hormone support and stem cell rejuvenation.  Beauty is achieved with a healthy body, which reflects in young skin that shines with the natural youth and beauty we have brought forth with the Vampire Face and Body Lift and Angel Kiss technologies.  We specialize in serving men and women who want to build, maintain and grow healthy bodies and joints for their life-styles and sports.  At our office, Aging is a disease to be combated with all the modern, homeopathic and naturopathic resources available from around the world, tailored to fit your individual needs.

Our mission is to create and enhance body health by total patient wellness and psychological well being along with modern cosmetic technology.  We focus on a positive approach, which includes physical health, diet and exercise, as well as bone and joint health and emotional well-being.  We use modern medical tools including Platelet Rich Plasma, Stem Cells, Fat Transplants, as well as Natural Hormone Treatments, Sub-dermal Pellets, Allergy Treatment, Mesotherapy, Prolotherapy and Alternative Medical.  Our approach is global, holistic and as our patients grow healthier, beauty radiates.

When I was five years old, my mother developed breast cancer.  It was severe and by today’s standard would be lethal.  The family doctor, Dr. William “Bill” Deveny, performed surgery, lymph node dissection, radiation and chemotherapy.  Mom lived to the ripe old age of 82.  Whenever I hear a medical presentation and the doctor says there is no hope, I tell the story of my mother and how I didn’t even know I wasn’t supposed to have a mom till I got to medical school.  I always tell my interns and residents to practice their medical care as if each patient is their mom. We practice our office care the same way.

My career started out as a farm boy on a cattle ranch in central Washington State.  I worked on the ranch and was a Teamster while I was in college.  I paid my way through college, but nearly missed medical school admission because the university deans didn’t feel working your way thru college was a plus when applying for graduate school.  I did an internship for Washington State Environmental Quality and was Teenage Republican Kittitas County Chairman for Dan Evans Governor and Slade Gordon Attorney General’s successful campaigns.

The University of New York at Buffalo accepted me to Medical School.  I completed a year of Internship / General Surgery at Swedish Hospital in Seattle.  Micro-vascular Research at Duke University, Orthopedic Surgery at Einstein Hospital in Philadelphia, PA, and Nuclear Medicine at Strong Hospital of University of Rochester followed this.

Research with Cosmetic Lasers and procedures with wound healing continued and I worked as a Hospitalist and Critical Care Doctor at St Joseph’s Charity Hospital in Philadelphia. Currently, I am working with Stem Cell Research and Platelet Rich Plasma for pain relief in joint disease and Facial Cosmetic procedures with the Vampire training and Anti-Aging medicine in hormones, diet and restorative medicine, which I now practice.  I completed my board examination in Anti Aging Medicine and am now medical director for Enigma Medical Spa along with teaching and other duties in my private practice helping patients combat aging and restore their youthful beauty and vitality.

IMG_3949When not playing doctor, I enjoy my wife and family of two sons and two daughters, we travel a lot together doing white water rafting, country ranching and Rodeos.  I also like to restore antique cars, antique jade, ride horses, ski and sail in Baltimore.  I also love my mastiff puppy and growing Hibiscus flowers (which she loves to eat!).

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